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Leader Hall: Democrats again reject collaboration on pressing issues, get hit with dose of reality
RELEASE|February 13, 2024
Contact: Matt Hall

House Republican Leader Matt Hall, R-Richland Township, issued the following statement:

“As House Democrats keep rejecting collaboration, they were once again hit by a dose of shared power reality. House Republicans laid out 20 bills that we’d like to see pass the House, including four policies Speaker Tate promised to pass last year to protect women, relieve family farmers, aid foster youth, and support state corrections officers. We also called for swift passage of the comprehensive school safety and mental health strategy drafted with expert input by the bipartisan task force House Republicans created in the wake of the Oxford High School shooting. This critical plan has languished for the last year without even receiving a committee hearing, and it deserves action.

“Today, House Democrats refused to take up any of the bills our caucus requested, even though the House is evenly split between the parties. Instead of taking up pressing issues like keeping kids safe or protecting patients from fraud, Democrats are sticking with bills that only deal with hypothetical situations; they’re trying to turn a financial institution administrative issue into a military issue so they can play politics. Michiganders want us to address the pressing issues facing our state together. House Republicans will keep working to protect the people of Michigan.”

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